Get Out the Vote – November 3rd

It has been an honor and privilege to serve our great city as your Mayor. Together we are working to move our city forward. When I first took office, I promised you that I would work hard every day to make sure we improve our city, and I am proud to say I have met that promise. Today, we are building new schools and fixing up the old ones. Graduation rates and achievement levels are rising.

We have added more police and firefighters to keep our neighborhoods safe. We are rebuilding our parks and improving streets and sidewalks across the city. Unemployment is down and job creation and home ownership are up. With your support we will keep working together to build a safer and stronger city.

I ask for your vote Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd for both Mayor & City Council At-Large.

Thank You





2Joe Petty 2015 endorement quotes

October 27, 2015 – Statement from Mayor Joe Petty

As a longtime supporter of the Worcester police, I was disappointed by the news that the Worcester Police Patrolman’s Union has endorsed one of my opponents in the race for Mayor.   While I am disappointed, it is my understanding that only 40 of the city’s 345 patrol officers participated in this vote and I am confident that it is not reflective of the overall membership of the union.  In my career in public service I have worked closely with and enjoyed the support of many of the union’s members. Since this announcement, I have been contacted by many officers expressing their disappointment and to offer their support for my campaign.

I am proud of my 18 year record of support for the men and women of the Worcester Police Department and of our collaborative efforts to ensure the safety of all our city’s residents.  In my two terms as Mayor, we have hired 41 new officers and we will shortly be adding 35 more.  This will increase the police presence in our neighborhoods. I have consistently worked to ensure that they have the equipment and resources needed to keep both them and our city safe.  I will continue to support the work of the police department, regardless of political endorsements, because ensuring public safety is my top priority as Mayor.

As Mayor, I have worked to bring all parts of our community together to solve problems.  When we had a spike in gun violence this summer, I worked closely with the police department, the city administration and the community to ensure that those responsible were brought to justice and to increase our police presence in our neighborhoods.  Unlike my opponent who responded to this crisis by grabbing cheap political headlines and then took personal credit for our progress, I publically gave the credit where it belonged – the hard working men and women of the Worcester Police Department.  In the end, our city is safer today because of the work that the police are doing in partnership with the community and I will continue to support these efforts.

I am also proud to have the support of many public safety leaders, including the Worcester Firefighter’s Union, the Retired Worcester Police and Firefighters Association, and the National Association of Government Employees Local 495 which represents the emergency call center.  Going forward I will continue to work with all parts of our community to ensure the safety of our great city.